Telemedicine Weight Loss in Texas

Our Top-Rated Clinic Now with Telemedicine Capabilities

At Sensotherapy Weight Loss, we are committed to serving our patients. That’s why we’ve adapted our trusted weight loss program with telemedicine capabilities to meet your needs during this outbreak. Whether you need to lose a few pounds or a hundred, Dr. Cherkassky and his team are here to help you.

We believe that everyone should be happy with their weight, which is why Dr. Cherkassky developed his clinic with accessibility in mind. Our team can provide you with an affordable weight loss program that uses simple communication technologies to help establish strategies for healthy eating.

Anywhere in Texas! That’s right, with out telemedicine capabilities we are now able to serve you no matter where you live in Texas. So if you need help losing weight using patented methods, please call us.

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What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine was initially developed so patients in remote areas could access otherwise unavailable health services. It involves connecting patients and healthcare providers through telecommunications. For instance, if your doctor has ever called you to get an update on your child’s health or if you’ve received test results through electronic mail, these are examples of telemedicine.

Without even realizing it, you’ve probably already used telemedicine before. However, it’s now one of the fastest-growing medical sectors in the world. Today, millions of people are taking advantage of communication technologies to access diverse medical fields.

Dr. Cherkassky’s top-rated clinic is also putting telemedicine at the forefront of its practice. Using the phone and internet, we will help you reach your weight loss goals from the comfort of your home.

Our weight loss method

To keep you and your family healthy and safe, we’ve developed our telemedicine capabilities to bring our weight loss method to you at home. Over the phone and online, we can provide our patients with the in-depth consults and continuous support needed throughout their weight loss journey.

Our method includes strategies to help you control portions, avoid stress eating, and eliminate cravings, all while enjoying real food to keep your weight off. By using consultations online or over the phone, we can assess your current weight, take a detailed medical history, and develop your personalized weight loss program. As part of the program, you will also have a virtual check-in scheduled once a month to ensure that you’re on the road to a healthy weight.

The strategies we offer will help you shed those pounds right away, without sacrificing the foods you love. Our simple program is perfect for anyone, whether you need to lose a lot of weight or just a few pounds.

Why lose weight now?

It might seem like the pandemic has pushed new technologies upon us, but even before COVID-19, telemedicine was an up and coming trend in healthcare innovation. Recently, we’ve been moving towards a greater level of technological integration in all aspects of our lives, but we’ve come to realize how convenient and important technology is to get the services we need.

The takeaway is that there’s no reason to put your weight loss plans on hold. On the contrary, with our virtual method, you’ll have a safe, supportive environment to embark on your journey with the same kind of support you would’ve received before the pandemic. The only difference is that now you can do it all from the convenience of your home.

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Dr. Cherkassky’s weight loss regimen is a proven method, evidenced by the hundreds of people he’s helped to achieve their ideal weight. With his top-rated program, you can expect to lose weight without excessive hunger and feelings of deprivation.

Don’t let this pandemic ruin all of your plans. Thanks to telemedicine, there is nothing to stop you from taking this big, important step in your life. Give us a call today to schedule your first consultation.