About Us

About the Weight Loss Clinic

Our Clinic’s Mission

Dr. Michael Cherkassky and his staff are dedicated to helping patients who are looking to lose weight and this passion is what led us to establish our weight loss clinic. Our mission is to provide affordable and effective weight loss strategies to our patients. We believe that everyone deserves to be happy in the skin they’re in, and that’s why we make an effort to create reasonably priced monthly weight loss programs that can make a healthy weight accessible to all those who crave to lose the pounds and keep them off.

Our Weight Loss Philosophy

We take a very unique approach to weight loss, an approach that has been shown to work time and time again. We believe that weight reduction doesn’t mean depriving yourself and your body of that which you enjoy. The best weight loss program focuses on steady results achieved by reducing cravings and only consuming those calories that are needed to provide adequate energy. We believe that a 1200 diet is the key to healthy weight loss, and we offer meal plan suggestions as well as prescription medications to facilitate quick, long-lasting results.

Studies show that weight loss is much more possible when you aren’t hungry all the time, and our patented craving reducing supplements are proven to help with just this. We want to target the root cause of weight gain and to provide our patients with a solution that will help them to keep the weight off once and for all.

We provide detailed exams and continuous support throughout your weight loss journey so that we can better ensure that you experience great results that last. As part of our program, our patients are required to check in at our weight loss clinic once a month to ensure that they are on a healthy road to weight loss and the results they seek. If any adjustments are needed, Dr. Cherkassky will make the necessary and advisable changes to your weight loss therapy plan.

Our Weight Loss Program

Our medical weight loss program is overseen by Dr. Cherkassky, a licensed medical doctor who is an expert in his field. He combines hard science with behavior modification in order to achieve the best possible results. Dr. Cherkassky understands that losing weight isn’t always easy and adjusting one’s attitude toward food and diet isn’t something that can happen overnight.

The first step to achieving weight loss success is to understand why you overeat. For some, it’s emotional and for others its simply physical cravings for particular foods. Whatever the reason for your initial weight gain, Dr. Cherkassky will help you to develop a healthy diet and provide you with the tools and supplements you need to lose the weight.

He believes that food and sugar cravings are one of the prime culprits for weight gain. Dr. Cherkassky provides all patients with complete medical exams and will discuss your medical history in detail in order to identify any and all problem areas or preexisting medical conditions. He doesn’t require that patients stop eating the foods they love. Instead, he believes that starvation isn’t the answer but that eating foods you love in moderation is the real solution. His method means that patients can eat delicious foods and still lose weight. He also utilizes helpful supplements where appropriate.

His signature combination of patented appetite suppressants and prescriptions has an unparalleled ability to help patients lose the weight in a stress-free and effective way. Sensotherapy, in which Dr. Cherkassky helps patients to target their particular cravings, has been shown to assist patients in reducing or even eliminating the desire for sugary and salty foods for weeks and even months at a time! These amazing results have made Dr. Cherkassky a real find for those who want to lose the weight once and for all.

Dr. Cherkassky has found that losing weight isn’t nearly as hard when you don’t feel as though you’re starving all day long. All too often, people on diets give up after a short period of time because it’s simply too hard to deny yourself the foods you love all of the time. With the help of this amazing weight loss physician, patients feel as though they aren’t missing out on delicious foods. Instead, they feel the joy of experiencing real results quickly without the need for deprivation.


As a weight loss doctor who truly cares about the needs of his patients and about providing each individual with the detailed, targeted care they need, Dr. Cherkassky has received rave reviews. He and his staff are eager to provide patients with not only the medical weight loss care and treatments they need to lose the weight, but also with the support and motivation needed to feel confident throughout the process.

If you’re one of the many individuals who is looking to shed the extra weight, be it five, fifty, or one hundred pounds, Dr. Cherkassky is here and eager to help by providing reasonably priced, proven weight loss techniques and diet plans. To speak to a top weight loss doctor about your needs and to learn more about the prescription medications and supplements available to help you in your weight loss journey, give us a call.