Weight Loss programs

At our clinic, we understand that pursuing weight loss services and losing the weight can be a very emotional journey. Dr. Michael Cherkaskky is a top weight loss doctor who has over 35 years of helping patients to not only lose weight but to uncover the reasons why they gained the weight in the first place. He understands that eating to excess and weight gain has many components, from the physical to the mental. His goal is to help patients to uncover the reasons why they eat so that they can alter and evolve their attitude toward diet and finally lose the weight.

Unlike other weight loss programs, Dr. Cherkaskky’s medical weight loss services don’t center around deprivation, starvation, and excessive exercise. Instead, it focuses on steady results facilitated by sustainable diet adjustments as well as prescription medications such as phentermine, or Adipex, that can help to curb unhealthy cravings.